Home Intruder Flees After Single Mom Preaches Bible Verses, Tells Him ‘God Loves You’ as He Attacked Her

12/12/13. Home Intruder Flees After Single Mom Preaches Bible Verses, Tells Him ‘God Loves You’ as He Attacked Her. Katherine Weber, christianpost.com


A single mom living near Detroit, Michigan reportedly deterred an intruder from attacking her further when she began preaching to him, telling him that God loved him and that he didn’t really want to proceed with the attack.

The victim, a single mother with a special needs daughter who has not been named by local media, was reportedly sleeping in her bedroom in Dearborn Heights early Monday morning when an intruder entered through the basement window of her home and began assaulting her.

Julie Wilding, a neighbor and friend of the 38-year-old victim, told local WXYZ-TV that the victim started telling the intruder “God loves you, you don’t want to do this,” while also preaching bible verses to him. Her words seemed to have a direct affect on the intruder as he reportedly got up and left the home without attacking the woman further and without touching the daughter.

“I told her God was watching out for her,” Wilding told the local media outlet. “Someone was watching out for her. To be able to walk away from something like this […] by witnessing to somebody and changing the course of what they planned on doing […] to just walking away.”

The victim reportedly sustained mild injuries, and has been described by her neighbors as a deeply religious person.

In another recent story, a daycare director in Iowa attributed the saving of seven children from a burning van to the work of God. Tara Dekkers, 36, had been driving the daycare van on Dec. 6 with seven children passengers when an odd smell began permeating the vehicle’s interior. Shortly after, the van reportedly made loud popping sounds and flames began to engulf the inside. Miraculously, Dekkers was able to get all seven children out of the van safely just in time before it fully burst into flames.

“I give all the credit to God,” Dekkers said. “He was the one who was with me. He was the one who made it all possible for me to get them all out.”

In yet another miraculous story of God’s will, a 31-year-old Texas man working as a rodeo clown praised God back in October after he survived a double lightning strike. The man, Casey Wagner, said he was struck twice by lightning while attending the Rednecks with Paychecks off-roading event in Saint Jo on October 25. Wagner said his survival was a “miracle” and it opened his eyes to the importance of attending church more often.

“I give everything to God,” Wagner said. “I owe everything to Him, He’s the one that kept me alive. I can tell you one thing, I’m going to start going to church more.”

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