7th earthquake this month strikes North Texas, 31 quakes rattle Oklahoma in the last 48 hours

11/11/13. 7th earthquake this month strikes North Texas. Bill Hanna, star-telegram.com

“The shaking that has become the norm for parts of North Texas continued early Monday morning. The U.S. Geological Service recorded the seventh earthquake to hit the area since Nov. 1.

This one, a 2.8-magnitude temblor, occurred about 2:30 a.m. Monday and was centered about a mile west of Briar and 7 miles north of Azle. Like many of the other quakes, it occurred in the Azle-Springtown area.

The strongest of these quakes, a 3.0, occurred at 1:54 p.m. Saturday near Springtown.

The first, a 2.6-magnitude quake about 2 miles east of Reno, was at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and was followed at 10 p.m. by an aftershock.

On Wednesday, a 2.7-magnitude quake was reported at 11:05 a.m., about 3 miles south-southwest of Springtown. Springtown also felt a 2.9-magnitude quake at 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

On Nov. 1, a 2.1-magnitude quake was reported in Tarrant County near Richland Hills.”

11/11/13. Geological Survey stumped by cause of earthquakes around Edmond. Ed Doney, kfor.com

Updated 10:30 pm – A new earthquake was reported north of Enid. That one registered 3.4 on the Richter Scale.

EDMOND, Okla. — Four earthquakes struck Monday – the biggest being a magnitude 3.3, happening at 3:15 p.m.

On Sunday, 26 quakes hit our state – the biggest being a 3.5 magnitude.

The epicenter for most of these is near I-35 and Waterloo road.

But why the recent spike in that area?

The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) says there isn’t enough evidence to link them to oil and gas drilling operations.

However, they do know that two tectonic plates – one along the California coast, another in the Atlantic ocean – are pushing toward each other, squeezing Oklahoma.

Also, recent tremors in Jones could have triggered seismic activity in Edmond over time, because a major fault line runs along I-35 from Oklahoma City to Nebraska.

“When one earthquake occurs, you change the stresses or the pressures around that and then you can activate other faults, “OGS Research Seismologist Austin Holland said Monday, “and so we could be looking at this evolution and slowly unzipping of the rocks underneath.”

It’s a nerve-wracking reality for those living near I-35 and Waterloo.

Bill Hediger watched framed pictures fall off his dresser Monday morning.

“It really is (nerve-wracking),” Hediger said, “because it’s one of them things, you never know when it’s going to happen.  Unlike a tornado, you can’t hide from it.”

Another resident in that area, Troy Westmoreland, said Sunday’s earthquake sounded like a propane tank exploding.

No major damage was reported.

The OGS says a fault line runs along I-35 from south Oklahoma City into Kansas; however, they could not identify why Edmond is experiencing so much seismic activity in recent weeks.”

List of Oklahoma Earthquakes

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3 Responses to 7th earthquake this month strikes North Texas, 31 quakes rattle Oklahoma in the last 48 hours

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:

  2. Fiffi Blumberg says:

    I Googled this because IT WOKE ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My home is directly to the east of Love Field and I was awakened [kinda FREAKING OUT!!!!!} because the very base of the earth beneath my home/bed was rumbling/shaking [me/my bed] THAT VERY MORNING!!!!!!!
    I was hired as a freelance researcher for a book re: Hunt Petroleum and had to completely educate myself re: fracking/the oil industry in order to art direct graphics/images for the book—IF YOU IGNORANT PEEPS THINK FOR ONE MOMENT THIS IS NOT DUE TO THE FRACKING [Chesapeake earth-rapers], YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CORRECTLY INFORMED!!!! And let me tell you—we have been fed a LOAD of manipulated CRAPOLA!!!! To have my very bed shaken—not to mention awakened & fully AWARE of the fallout of fracking, MAKES ME FURIOUS!!!!! Sadly, this is not the first one I have experienced—THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!
    Become AWARE, become ACTIVE IN STOPPING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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