Muslim Brotherhood caught using puppies as fire bombs

11/1/13. Muslim Brotherhood caught using puppies as fire bombs. Cheryl K. Chumley,


“A pet rescue operation has saved three puppies from Muslim Brotherhood clutches, after discovering the militant members were dousing the animals with gasoline, setting them on fire and throwing them into the chaos of a Tahrir Square demonstration, as makeshift bombs.

Robyn Urman, a rescuer with the New Jersey group, Pet ResQ Inc, said this isn’t the first time Muslim Brotherhood members had been busted trying to use animals as gasoline-fired bombs, Breitbart reported. And this particular discovery didn’t end well for all the dogs.

The Muslim Brotherhood members were caught near Tahrir pouring gasoline over more than 20 puppies — but only three could be saved.

Ms. Urman’s group described the scene in a release that was reported by Breitbart: “Ten cruel bearded men gathered more than 20 puppies and start[ed] pouring gasoline on them and throw[ing] them at the army. These flying fire balls were puppies that were used as weapon [sic]. We only could save these three poor babies. All are 12 weeks old.”

The group is trying to find homes for the three rescued puppies, which weigh about eight pounds each.”

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