Prophecy on the Temple Mount: Groundbreaking Law to Facilitate Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

11/1/13. Groundbreaking Law to Facilitate Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount. Tova Dvorin,

Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) has advanced new laws this morning (Friday) that would enact the establishment of regular prayer hours for Jews visiting the Temple Mount, Yediot Ahronot reports. 

According the the new laws, which have already begun to undergo legal processing through the Ministry of Religious Services, daily prayer hours would be set for Jewish groups visiting Judaism’s holiest site. Currently, Jews have faced frequent attacks of discrimination against them by Israeli Police during Temple Mount visits, in accordance with a ban on Jewish religious activity there stemming from pressure from Palestinian Arab and Muslim groups. Violators of the ban are apprehended immediately, sometimes facing additional bans preventing them from visiting the Mount at all for a predetermined time period.

The laws, if passed, would be a monumental upholding of Israel’s official stance of religious freedom. While Israel officially liberated the Mount from Arab capture during the 1967, the law would be the first of its kind to allow both Jewish and Muslim religious activity at the site.

Proposals regarding the Temple Mount needs to receive an official stamp of approval from both Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. In the meantime, an investigation is being launched by Bayit Yehudi, along with Chairwoman of the Committee of Interior Affairs MK Miriam Regev (Likud), regarding ways to enact legislation that flies “under the radar” to ensure Jewish prayer rights at the Mount. One suggestion includes declaring the Mount as a legal Jewish Holy Site, thus barring the exclusion of Jewish entry to the site on legal and moral grounds.

The Committee of Interior Affairs is set to discuss the issue in an official meeting this upcoming Monday, where Bayit Yehudi MK Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan will declare that “the situation needs to change on the Temple Mount.”

11/1/13. The Israeli government will one day build a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Jimmy Deyoung,

Recently, the President of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas said that the Israeli government is getting ready to build a Temple on the Temple Mount. I ask our broadcast partner in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yoel Keren would the Israeli government really build a Temple on the Temple Mount today.

Rabbi Yoel Keren: One day they will. So, the answer is yes and no. On the one hand, yes it is very foolish, very insightful the things that he is saying. He is hanging on to what little bit of power and money he has by a thread and he is trying to bolster himself. This is a typical tactic we know that they use whenever they feel they are in trouble, they feel it helps rally people to their side to scream out about the Al Aqsa Mosque and things like that. So, on one hand, yes that is true, on the other hand as you know I have traditionally said I wish there was a Jewish government that wanted to build the Temple, unfortunately there is not. Just today or yesterday a statement was made by the Housing and Infrastructure Minister Yuri Ariel.

He said we’ve done a lot of building, we’ve build a lot of buildings, we’ve built a lot of small temples, which is a term in Hebrew that is used as the nickname for synagogue. It is like we have created these small temples for ourselves even though they are not temples, and there is only one Temple. He says we’ve created a lot of small temples, but that is not what we want. We do not want buildings that look like temples. We do not want buildings that we nickname temples. We want to build the Temple on the Temple Mount. This is a cabinet member, the minister of housing, building, and infrastructure. In all the conversations that we have had about this over the years and you have asked me, is the Israeli government ready to build the Temple, is there an Israeli government that would be in favor of building the Temple on the Temple Mount, and I have always told you unfortunately no. Now, you ask me this question and I have to say maybe.

Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News

Jewish activists preparing to rebuild a Temple in Jerusalem is actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Though the Israeli government is not ready to build a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, there are those that have made preparations to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. God’s Word does say that this will happen, Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, II Thessalonians 2:4, and Rev 11:1-2.

The accusations by the Palestinian leader that the Israeli government is preparing to build a Temple on the Temple Mount are actually false. However, there are Jews that are preparing to build that Temple and all the preparations are finished indicating that Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.”

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