LAX Shooting another False Flag? Happened after another Drill and after calls for Gun Control

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Did TSA know LAX attack coming? Here

LAX Shooting: ‘Exact Scenario’ Trained for 3 Weeks Ago! Here

LAX Airport Shooting Days After Urban Shield Drill, False Flag or Coincidence? Here

Dems Push Expanded Gun Control, Confiscation. Here

San Francisco Passes More Gun Control to Fix Failures of Gun Control. Here

Pre-Crime: TSA Now Spies On You 24/7 Even Before You Fly. Here

Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists.Here

Press Doesn’t Cover Gag Order on TSA Blogger Here

Propaganda: LAX Gunman Had ‘Anti-Government Material’. Here

See? 11/1/13. Did TSA know LAX attack coming? Drew Zahn,

“Back in January, an oddly prescient investigative report revealed that should a shooting occur at one of the nation’s airports – such as happened in Los Angeles Friday – Transportation Security Administration screeners were being trained to first “save themselves.”

Writing in the Washington Times, Alan Jones reported a veteran TSA agent disclosed he had recently undergone agency training during which TSA personnel were confronted with a checkpoint shooting. The training reportedly changed the agent’s workday habits.

“Every day when I arrive for work, I look for an escape route in case someone opens fire,” said the TSA worker. “We have been told to save ourselves.”

While it wasn’t clear at the time whether the training for a potential gunman attack was nationwide or specific to the agent’s airport, the nightmare scenario played out Friday at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3, where just after 9:20 a.m. local time, a man reportedly carrying a rifle opened fire.

In his January article, Jones speculated the mass-shooting scenario training for TSA agents may have been routine, prompted by credible intelligence on a potential attack or even preparation for a deliberate, staged attack.

“Considering the full range of possible reasons for the alleged TSA training, it would be hard to say whether the agency actually expects a checkpoint shooting,” Jones reported.

Jones quoted Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell, a 2012 Democratic congressional candidate, who made national news after claiming he had seen a man help the 2009 Christmas Day “underwear bomber” board the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit without a passport.

Haskell is convinced a federal agent actually gave the bomber a defective bomb to carry on the plane in order to intentionally create an incident “that would cause the government to install full body scanners at airports nationwide.”

In January, Haskell told Jones he feared the TSA’s training might have been in preparation for another staged attack.

“As a first-hand eyewitness to a proven false flag attack, I know that the government does stage fake attacks to further governmental policy,” Haskell said. “An airport is the perfect place setting to stage their play.”

In January, Jones speculated, “A mass shooting at a TSA checkpoint would not only be a tragedy for the families of those passengers and TSA workers killed, but would likely lead to even more calls for gun-control measures, as well as discussions of arming TSA workers, propositions that would likely face stiff resistance.”

Though TSA “officers” wear badges and law enforcement-style uniforms, they are not sworn law enforcement officers and do not carry firearms. Like everyone else at airports around the country, they count on airport police for armed protection.”

See? 11/1/13. LAX Shooting: ‘Exact Scenario’ Trained for 3 Weeks Ago! Nathan M. Bickel,

Police Chief:  ………We practiced to this; not more than 3 weeks ago. We took everyone of our officers, every one of our patrol officers, and a couple of hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department; and we practiced the exact scenario that played out today [we played out today]. And, I was talking to the officers…….”

See? 11/1/13. LAX Airport Shooting Days After Urban Shield Drill, False Flag or Coincidence? Josey Wales,

“What a coincidence that California just had a Urban Shield drill Oct 25th through the 28th. Very similar to Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook.

Every time they run a drill for the public’s safety, there is a major event to soon follow.

Is this by design or just coincidence? Look at all the coincidences that surround these events.

DHS, FEMA, and other Federal, State, Local, and “International” agencies involved in a county wide drill in Alameda, California on 10-25 through 28, 2013.


“Emergency personnel were training around the Bay Area all weekend as part of Urban Shield, the largest training event of first responders in the nation.

The $1.5 million federally funded event trains police officers, firefighters and EMTs for real life situations.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries on Friday in a helicopter drill that has since been cancelled.

In the peaceful hills of Castro Valley is Palomares Elementary School, and on Saturday, a day of law enforcement training, it was not peaceful at all.

An active shooter drill involved mass casualties and multiple gunmen.

“You have people yelling for help, you have people down. Suspects coming, engaging you. So, it’s very challenging,” said Marin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Stott.

High school kids served as the drill’s victims.

“I’m doing this as an internship. So, I’m trying to figure out if this is something I want to do, as an EMT or a paramedic,” volunteered 17-year-old Michael Waheed.

Officials said 54 scenarios are happening around the Bay Area for 48 straight hours, with no sleep for trainees.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Sergeant JD Nelson says Boston Police officers have trained here, which helped them in the two day manhunt for the Marathon Bombing suspects.

“Realized that their team could handle a 48 hour situation because they had done it out here,” said Nelson. More Here: urban-shield-continues-active-shooter.

See? 10/31/13. Dems Push Expanded Gun Control, Confiscation.

“At an October 30th press briefing, Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Reps. Gwen Moore (D-WI) and Elizabeth Etsy (D-CT) called for more gun control laws, including those that would take guns from certain Americans.

The briefing was hosted by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG), and the calls for new laws were backed by appeals to the same poll numbers Democrats used when they failed to pass gun control on April 17.

According to, Sen. Murphy suggested the American public wants more gun control but Congress will not comply. Said Murphy: “There is a huge disconnect between what the American public wants and what Congress is willing to give them.”

Contrary to Murphy’s intimation, Gallup shows support for gun control has not only declined since January 2013, but with few exceptions has been in a decline since 2000.

Rep. Moore said guns should be “taken away” from certain Americans–including those who have restraining orders placed upon them. Although restraining orders are not always justly issued and certainly had nothing to do with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that united gun control proponents earlier this year, Sen. Blumenthal is proposing legislation to take guns away from owners when a restraining order is issued.

California led the way with this type of legislation, using all the data they have compiled via expanded background checks to track down and confiscate guns from owners with a restraining order. ”

11/1/13. San Francisco Passes More Gun Control to Fix Failures of Gun Control.

“On October 29, San Francisco supervisors “unanimously” passed a ban on “high capacity” magazines within city limits. This comes on the heels of news that the “strict gun control” already in place in the city is not working.

San Francisco has pursued Chicago-like gun control for years, including the passage of an all-out ban on privately owned handguns in 2005. That ban was struck down by a California court in 2008, but smaller, incremental gun control measures remain on the books and continue to be passed.

Nevertheless, the San Jose Mercury News reports that recent FBI crime figures show violent crime in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose increased in 2012–raising the number of homicides to a twenty year high for the Bay Area and showing an increase in homicides for the second year in a row.

In response, San Francisco supervisors passed more gun control. Their “high capacity” magazine ban comes in lieu of the state-wide ban on “assault rifles” that Governor Jerry Brown (D) vetoed on October 11. ”

See? 10/22/13. Pre-Crime: TSA Now Spies On You 24/7 Even Before You Fly

“Under a new ‘security measure’ that the TSA has magically decided it has the authority to enact, it is ‘expanding its screening of passengers’ to include the systematic use of private and government databases in order to obtain more information on passengers. What that means is that the TSA can now access your car registration information, your employment information, and much more.”

See? 10/18/13. Internal TSA Documents: Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists

“The TSA has quietly admitted there is no actual “threat-addressing” basis for employing nude body scanners or invasive pat down procedures at airports, a notion many travelers who are weary of the federal agency’s borderline sexual molestation have long suspected but were hard-pressed to prove.”

See? 10/24/13. Press Doesn’t Cover Gag Order on TSA Blogger. Adan Salazar,

“The mainstream press has virtually ignored the latest developments in engineer and blogger Jon Corbett’s ongoing legal dispute with the TSA, which took an interesting turn last week after Infowars published inexplicably leaked “sealed” court documents regarding his case.

For the past four years, Corbett has been engaged in litigation against the TSA over their invasive security procedures, which he argues violate the Fourth Amendment protecting citizens from unwarranted searches.

According to a recent brief filed by Corbett, “the abstract risk[s] of terrorism without a credible, specific threat” does not warrant Constitution-infringing searches by x-ray machines – in which “Every crevice, fold, and bump is turned into a picture of the traveler’s nude body” – or invasive pat downs, in which TSA agents are frequently accused of touching traveler’s genitals.

In his brief, Corbett cited sensitive information obtained through the TSA’s own Administrative Record, a document only available to Corbett or his attorney through the legal process of discovery. In their own words, the TSA admits that “As of mid-2011, terrorist threat groups present in the Homeland are not known to be actively plotting against civil aviation targets or airports; instead, their focus is on fundraising, recruiting, and propagandizing.” Essentially, this is an acknowledgement they are aware of the questionable justification for their privacy-breaching searches.

Despite the fact that sealed documents are intended to remain confidential, a sealed version of this brief was inexplicably made public by someone within the 11th circuit court.

The briefs, which Infowars obtained while they were available through, have now been purged, adding an extra layer of credibility to Corbett’s argument.

 Even the redacted version of Corbett's brief, which should be a public document, has been removed.

Even the redacted version of Corbett’s brief, which should be a public document, has been removed.

Following our publication of the un-redacted brief, Corbett received a call from the Justice Department saying he violated the court’s orders sealing the files. Although the documents had already been heavily publicized, the DOJ demanded he not speak about them, effectively suppressing his right to free speech.” Read more here.

See? 11/1/13. Propaganda: LAX Gunman Had ‘Anti-Government Material’. Rick Moran,

NBC News is reporting that the gunman who shot and killed a TSA officer and wounded several others at the Los Angeles International Airport had “anti-government materials” in his possession when he was taken into custody.

Unless you are willing to make the argument that walking into an airport and shooting people is the act of a sane man, shut up. I don’t want to hear what your thoughts are on his “motive” because the idea that someone mentally ill has a rational motive to kill people is absurd on its face.

The only reason it’s given credence is that one side or the other — in this case, it will be the left — will try to make political hay out of the incident by using the body of a dead TSA agent as a soap box, standing on this victim’s bleeding corpse to make a partisan point.”

Editors note: Seems at least half the country hates the government for everything they’ve done.

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