Sessions Challenges Government Grant to Study “Meaning of Life”

10/27/13. Sessions Challenges Government Grant to Study “Meaning of Life”. Daniel Greenfield,

“Apparently all the big problems have been solved. And these days, government is focusing on the big questions. Like the meaning of life.

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions wants to know why thousands of taxpayer dollars are being spent by the National Endowment for the Humanities on research projects and grants probing seemingly impossible-to-answer questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” 

In his letter, he calls out seven specific grants totaling $172,445 including “What is the meaning of life?” ($24,953), “Why are bad people bad?” ($23,390),  “What is a monster?” ($24,999) and “Why do humans write?” ($24,774).

I can answer that last one. Obviously it’s to get money from the government. More seriously, Sessions challenged some of the Islamic propaganda being funded by the NEH.

He also asked Watson about a project by NEH’s Bridging Cultures Bookshelf Administration that distributed books about Islam to 900 libraries across the country.

“One would think that NEH takes a fair and balanced approach to promoting culture” by using its funding to promote other major religions, he said.

Sessions asked for a list of materials about Islam distributed under the program, as well as “an itemized list, over the last five years, of all spending related to Christianity […] or Judaism where books or forums promoting one point of view were provided to libraries, etc.”

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