‘Entitlement programs are a lie’: Kevin Sorbo speaks out against ‘enslavement’ of gov’t dependency

10/27/13. ‘Entitlement programs are a lie’: Kevin Sorbo speaks out against ‘enslavement’ of gov’t dependency. twitchy.com

“Actor Kevin Sorbo isn’t mincing any words when it comes to how and why creating government dependency is a bad thing for America and its citizens. Here’s Sorbo’s commentary:

“Entitlement programs are a lie. They teach people that by doing nothing, they can still prosper and have a happy life. People get sucked into this theory because it seems like the easiest way – but it’s all a lie. It’s slavery, bare sustenance, and tons of free time, and as the saying goes…idle time is the devils tool. Where does most of the crime come from??Do I have to answer that?!

Entitlement also enslaves the people who must contribute, as well as enslaving those who take. When you receive something you don’t earn then you don’t have any skin in the game. You don’t care what your home looks like. You don’t care if the garbage gets taken away. You don’t keep up the appearance of the building or yard, (if you have one). It’s someone else’s problem. Not your problem.

Does anyone ever wash a rental car? think about it. And entitlements train people to be lazy, too. There are some exceptions, but it urges them not to aspire, it clips their wings. Takes away all hope, desire.

I’m so lucky my father didn’t give me an inheritance or any kind of nest egg, really – it forced me to make my own way in the world, and I worked my butt off. But, then again, I was lucky enough to have a father who taught me the value of hard work. Of not taking. Of pushing myself to follow my dreams and never backing down. We should all be so lucky.”

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