Texas State Troopers Illegally ‘Came And Took It’

10/27/13. Texas State Troopers Illegally Came And Took It.  Brandon Walker, freepatriot.org

Austin, TX- “The “Come and Take It” rally was a big success. However Texas State Troopers may have illegally came and took it. We were told by most sources that only four people were arrested and it was mainly due to the Star Buck’s ordnance.  Now it seems coming to light that some Texas State troopers answered the challenge by illegally arresting two participants. 

According to Austin law it was illegal to carry a pistol openly in the city limits. However that would not be a legal reason to arrest these two. The weapons they carried were antiques and produced in 1898. They would have been grandfathered in under the long barrel and black powder clauses and the pistol definition would not be applicable.

So then the officers state that they were given opportunity to leave and didn’t so they arrested them for criminal trespass and failure to identify themselves.

“The men were openly carrying suspected deadly weapons and were given the opportunity to leave the area, but refused,” Vinger wrote in an email. He said no other information about the arrest was available~Dallas Morning News

However this contradicts several, and I do mean several, videos of the incident.

Leaders of the gun-rights group Open Carry Texas said their members did not provoke troopers and were within their legal rights to carry the pistols. Victoria Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the group, described the weapons as black-powder revolvers made before 1899.

Montgomery said the group doesn’t go looking for trouble but instead wants to educate the public that the kind of antique weapons carried by the men arrested Saturday can legally be open carried. Long guns can also be openly carried, though Texas law prohibits open carrying of handguns.

“We’re proud of us educating the public. We thought it was an admirable endeavor,” Montgomery said. “But DPS obviously has an issue with that.”

C.J. Grisham, the president of Open Carry Texas who said he originally wanted to bring an assault rifle to the rally, scoffed at authorities’ description of the pistols as a deadly weapon.

“We had flagpoles that we could’ve beat people with too,” Grisham said. ~Dallas Morning News

A copy of the video was obtained for your viewing. Warning does include some strong language:

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3 Responses to Texas State Troopers Illegally ‘Came And Took It’

  1. kristiann1 says:

    THIS make me MAD , Very MAD!! This because Our Second Amendment Rights are UNDER ATTACK!! Obama-Nation is NOW Obama-COWARD, and he MUST be IMPEACHED NOW!!! DO NOT TRUST Obama-COWARD at ALL!! WE used to Live in a Free Country, Not anymore through!! I own guns in my house and they WILL NOT TAKE them from me until “From My Cold Dead Hands”!!

    We NEED to FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS NOW!! Our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS Are UNDER ATTACK from the Obama-Coward Regime!! Obama-coward is a LIAR, THIEF, MURDERER, HOMOSEXUAL LOVER, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST DICTATOR!! Obama-Coward is a Devout Muslim, and his Staff are the Muslim Brotherhood within the White-House, this is TYRANNY!! Obama-Coward is Aiding and Abetting Our ENEMY on the USA LAND!! Obama-Coward is the WORST president in USA HISTORY!!

    We All Need to Turn to Jesus Christ NOW!! Only He can SAVE us from this Tyranny and Oppression from the Obama-Regime!!

    Love in Christ Jesus, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

    • Brad says:

      Uh, this was Texas state police, not federal anything. Check your facts.

      Also, I’d recommend not being quite so hysterical or propagating falsehoods about politicians or other public personalities with whom you fundamentally differ. It’s not good for anyone or anything to bear false witness–not even you.

  2. Brittius says:

    If any blackpowder weapon is loaded, it then falls under laws governing modern smokeless powder weapons and those laws must be complied with.
    Don’t blame the cops, go take it up with your elected officials in the state legislatures that have no intention of changing anything to benefit any one of us, because they care only about those stuffing money into their pockets.

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