Food Companies Adding ‘Aisle Cameras’ to Track Customers

10/15/13. Food Companies Adding ‘Aisle Cameras’ to Track Customers. Daniel G. J.,

“A snack food company plans to add sensors to cookie aisle shelves that will gather information about consumers. The data will be used for marketing efforts to get customers to buy more cookies.

The sensors using Microsoft’s Kinnect technology will actually be able to scan the faces of shoppers and determine their sex and age, The Washington Post reported. The sensors, which would actually take a picture of the consumer’s face and transmit it back to corporate offices, will be installed in grocery shelves in 2015 by Mondelez International.

The technology is similar to the trashcans that Anthony Gucciardi revealed are now being rolled out to spy on you in some major cities.

Mondelez manufactures such popular snack brands as Nabisco, Chips Ahoy, and Ritz. The shelves would be installed in stores in 2015, according to the current plans.

Spying High Tech Shelves 

Mark Dajani, Mondelez’s Chief Information Officer, told the press that the sensors would not save pictures of your face. Unfortunately, they will save other information about shoppers, such as their sex, race, and age, which could be used for marketing efforts.

The marketing efforts would include in-store advertisements aimed at specific groups of consumers, such as African-Americans, mothers with children, and men. The commercial might be an audio message that could begin when you pick up a box of cookies.

Hopefully, retailers will have enough brains to resist this flagrant violation of their customers’ privacy. If it’s allowed, it’ll only be a short time before the health police will be using it to monitor consumers’ food choices.”

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