Ohio Woman Says No to Criminals Twice in 4 Months – .357-Style

10/3/13. Ohio Woman Says No to Criminals Twice in 4 Months – .357-Style.  Kimberly Paxton, Activist Post.

“Attn: Criminals. Betty Collins’ home in Toledo, Ohio is the WRONG HOUSE at which to attempt your illegal endeavors.

Collins, who is working on her PhD in criminal justice, is one woman you don’t want to mess with. She has proven this not just once, but twice in the past 4 months, detaining intruders on her property until police could arrive with her handy .357 Magnum. 

Despite the fact that her home has been the target of theft numerous times in the past, Collins is staying put. “I’m not moving. This is my home. I will continue to protect my home. That’s what the Second Amendment is for.”

She certainly has no qualms whatsoever about using her second amendment rights.

Back in May, Collins’ car was broken into two mornings in a row. The third incident escalated to an attempted home invasion, which she efficiently halted.

The would-be intruder, later identified as 31-year-old Kyle Caldwell of Temperance, Michigan, started kicking the front door, in an attempt to get inside. Collins said she screamed at him as loud as she could, saying firmly, “Get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.” Caldwell continued kicking the door, so Collins repeated herself, “Get off my porch! I have a gun! I will shoot you!” He still continued, so she opened the door and Caldwell then found his face 5 inches from the receiving end of a loaded .357.

Collins then ordered him off of her porch and told him to get down. He dropped to his knees, but then she said, “No. Put your face in the dirt.” And that’s where he stayed until the police arrived. (source)

In the most recent incident, Collins heard a noise on her front porch early Sunday morning.

The homeowner, Betty Collins, first sensed something wasn’t right when she heard a rattling noise coming from her front porch. Another one of her bikes had been stolen just a week prior and the neighborhood had recently had many break-ins.

When she went to see what the noise was, she found 21-year-old Thomas Lee Johnson attempting to steal a bike that was chained to her porch.

Collins promptly told Johnson to leave, but instead of just walking away, he went around to the other side of the porch and tried to lift the bike off in a different manner. Johnson still had his hands on the bike when Collins’ boyfriend came out of the door.

And since Johnson didn’t heed Collins’ warning and just walk away, Collins then pulled out her .357 Magnum revolver for a little persuasion. But even after pulling out the very large handgun and ordering Johnson to get on his knees, he still hesitated.

Thomas Johnson was previously arrested for burglary and he’s lucky that Betty Collins isn’t too trigger happy. (Photo credit: ABC)

But Collins kept her cool and simply said, “I’m not joking, do you see how big this gun is? It’s fully loaded.” At that point, Johnson started to listen and dropped to his knees. “I said, ‘put your hands behind your head and get down flat,’” Collins told reporters. “He’s like, ‘I ain’t gonna.’ And I says, ‘yeah you are.’ So he did and he stayed there until the cops got there. He had no choice.” (source)

The media talks a lot about empowering young girls. If you happen to be looking for role models, Betty Collins is a prime example of a woman who doesn’t wait around to be rescued. She is a strong woman who has no hesitation about being her own hero.”

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