Man With Down Syndrome Becomes Elite Power Lifter

9/26/13. Man With Down Syndrome Becomes Elite Power Lifter. Lauren Enriquez,

“CBS’s On the Road with Steven Hartman recently featured a segment on Delaware weightlifter Jonathan Stoklosa, who was born with Down Syndrome. Jonathan, who lives with his parents, balances a busy daily routine that includes a job at a grocery store and long hours of weightlifting when he’s not at work. 

Jonathan is described in the spot as a superhero, and it’s no surprise – he can bench 400 pounds. But despite his gargantuan proportions, Jonathan has a soft and gentle spot as well. He loves giving stickers to children who shop at his store, and he will load your groceries with utmost care.

A true man, Jonathan has found a perfect balance between his gentleness and brute strength.

Jonathan’s extraordinary abilities have inspired and fascinated many, but the YouTube video has received its share of negative comments regarding Jonathan’s Down Syndrome from individuals who are perhaps threatened by the extraordinary nature of Stoklosa’s life. But at the end of the day, Jonathan – who with his athletic ability and kind heart has overcome the most daunting of obstacles – is really an inspiration to the best of us.”

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