Christian Leader to Fly to Turkey/Iran on Rescue Mission in Attempt to Secure the Release of Pastor Saeed

9/26/13. Christian Leader to Fly to Turkey/Iran on Rescue Mission in Attempt to Secure the Release of Pastor Saeed. Melanie Korb,

“Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, D.C., will leave for Turkey on Sunday, September 29 for this historic mission.

While in Turkey, Rev. Mahoney will meet with Iranian officials in attempt to secure a meeting in Tehran with President Rouhani and Iranian government leaders to discuss Pastor Saeed. 

Rev. Mahoney has a long history of building bridges to the Islamic community in America and around the world.  Some of his work includes: flying to Florida and talking Pastor Terry Jones out of burning 230 Korans, being invited by Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki as he led a Christian  prayer delegation to Baghdad, being invited to Morocco to meet with government leaders to discuss building better relationships between Christians and Muslims, helping ensure the rights of Muslims were not violated when they wanted to have an event on the lawn of the Capitol and recently praying with Syrian leaders for peace at their Washington, D.C. Embassy.”

Rev. Mahoney comments;

“Around the world, every person should be afforded the right to express their faith traditions free from government persecution, harassment and intimidation.  No one should have to suffer violence or brutality because of what they believe.

“I am flying to Turkey/Iran in hopes of securing the release of Pastor Saeed who is serving an 8 year prison sentence because of his Christian beliefs.

“I will be appealing to the new Iranian leadership which has expressed a desire to have a more open and moderate attitude toward human rights and personal freedoms and work toward building better relationships with their global neighbors.

“On this historic mission, I will not be going as a ‘representative of the United States government,’ but rather as a faith leader sharing the heart of Christ and calling upon Iran’s leaders to show compassion and mercy and allow Saeed to return to his family in America.

“The power of faith transcends governments and leaders and can transform nations and societies. If I have the opportunity to meet with President Rouhani, I will not be speaking to him on a political level but rather as one faith leader to another.”

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