NYPD employed to remind iPhone users to enter biometric fingerprints, which can be hacked

9/24/13. NYPD employed to remind iPhone users to enter biometric fingerprints, which can be hacked. 21stcenturywire.com

“Michael Bloomberg’s Pretorian guard, the NYPD, were out in force on Monday doing street team work for Apple, vocally reminding iPhone users to opt-in to the Apple’s new OS software which requires a fingerprint ID on the touch screen. Talk about corporations getting into bed with government.

All those fingerprints could end up in a central database, so is that why NYPD were out working for Apple? It certainly looks that way.

For those who care about being spied on, tracked, and profiled by their loving federal government and partnering fascist corporations, we can explain to you now how you are being suckered with your wonderful new palm-god, the iPhone…

Zero Hedge reports:

“In case there was any concern that the umbilical cord between US corporations and government has never been thicker (especially in light of recent revelations that the NSA views the AAPL Borg Collective as useful “zombies“, abusing their credit cards just so they can be spied upon in new and improved ways) the New York Police Department is here to remind everyone of just that.


Why is the NYPD so transfixed by the Apple operating system upgrade cycle? Their justification (punctuated by five exclamation marks):

“Attention Apple Users!!!!!

As of Wednesday, September 18, 2013 the new iOS 7 feature brings added security to your Apple devices.

By downloading the new operating system, should your device be lost or stolen it cannot be reprogrammed without an Apple ID and password. The download is FREE from Apple.

The download is FREE from Apple.”

Odd: so previous AAPL operating systems did not have a lock screen? Or perhaps the NYPD was confused and meant zombies consumers should upgrade to the new 5S iPhone with a handy fingerprint scanner, which superficially at least would make theft more problematic?”

Well, we now know that the iPhone’s impregnable biometric ID feature can be hacked, and here’s how it’s done…

Our advice to those who truly value their freedom and privacy – learn how to navigate without a smartphone, and use one of these beauties (below) which is offered in a lovely range of colours to choose from – and with no 3G, no 4G and if you are really savvy, go older with an analogue model:

Death to the smart phone… long live the idiot-proof, stupid phone…

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