Crazed Shooter Had Secret Government Clearance, Shooting Occurred During National Emergency Preparedness Month

9/16/13. Crazed “Black Out” Navy Yard Shooter Suspect Alexis Had Secret Government Clearance. Kurt Nimmo,

“The suspected Navy Yard gunman shot dead by cops earlier today had a secret government clearance despite the fact he was arrested in Seattle in 2004 after shooting out the tires of a car during an angry “blackout.”

According to a police report, Aaron Alexis didn’t remember the incident until about an hour later.

Alexis was also arrested in 2010 for shooting into a neighbor’s apartment in Fort Worth, Texas. He had previously confronted the neighbor for making too much noise. The woman said she believed the shooting was intentional.

Despite these incidents, the alleged shooter was permitted a secret government clearance and was hired as a civilian contractor with a military-issued ID card.

“He did have a secret clearance. And he did have a CAC (common access card),” Thomas Hoshko, CEO of The Experts Inc, a company servicing the Navy Marine Corps Intranet as a subcontractor, told Reuters.

“We had just recently re-hired him. Another background investigation was re-run and cleared through the defense security service in July 2013,” Hoshko said.

Hoshko said Alexis’ “secret” security clearance dated back to 2007, several years after the Seattle incident.

It is not explained how the former Navy reservist received a secret defense security clearance after the 2010 shooting incident.”

9/16/13. Shooting occurred during National Emergency Preparedness Month. Caroline May,

Days before Monday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Naval District Washington encouraged emergency preparedness.

Last week, Naval District Washington announced its observance of September as National Emergency Preparedness Month, calling on everyone to ask “Am I Navy ready?”

“September brings many changes to Naval District Washington (NDW); cooler temperatures, changing leaves, football season. But it also begins a time of safety, readiness and preparation,” the Sept. 12 release reads.”

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