Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Gets Homeland Security Promotion

9/13/13. Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Gets Homeland Security Promotion. Michael Dorstewitz,

“A controversial Homeland Security advisor who was recently promoted to senior fellow is a self-declared Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi supporter.

Mohamed Elibiary, who was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council by then-Secretary Janet Napolitano in 2010, tweeted Thursday that his appointment was renewed and his position elevated:

Elibiary’s tenure on the advisory council created controversy almost from the start. About a year after his appointment, PJ Media reported that he used his new federal security clearance to download information on the Texas Department of Public Safety and sell it to left-leaning media outlets as proof of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “Islamophobia.”

The media didn’t bite; the proof existed only in Elibiary’s mind.

U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, joined three other congressmen to raise alarms about Elibiary and others in the Obama administration with apparent ties to, or at least sympathies with, the Muslim Brotherhood. The response was that the concerns smack of McCarthyism, according to a PJ Media report.

All those holding public office require the trust of the people they serve. That’s why they must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. But Elibiary is not being held to that standard, and the consequences are being felt around the world.

The people of Egypt regard the Obama administration as pro-Morsi and pro-Muslim Brotherhood, although the president has been silent on the subject, even to the point of not calling the recent change in government a coup.

It’s long past time to clean house, beginning with Elibiary, and risk the cries of McCarthyism and “Islamophobia” that will surely follow. The government’s relations with Middle East countries can no longer afford this “advisor.”

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  1. kristiann1 says:

    Reblogged this on Kristi Ann's Haven and commented:
    SHAME on The EVIL Obama Regime ( Administration )!! IMPEACH EVIL Obama NOW!!! Please Write to Your Congressmen and Reps. and START THE IMPEACHMENT of Evil Obama NOW!! WE THE PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DO NOT WANT AND Evil Islamic Government here in the USA!!!!!!! Please All Christian’s in the USA and Around the Earth God Made, Please Pray this Evil Obama and his regime ( administration ) Get KICKED out of Office in the USA NOW! Obama was NOT Born in the USA, he was born in Kenya and Lies to Everyone where he was born!!! DO NOT TRUST EVIL Obama!!

    ONLY TRUST JESUS CHRIST, HE is The Way, The Truth and The Life, no comes to Father, but, Though Me ( Jesus Christ )!!! God Bless the United States Of America again! Love in Christ Jesus, YSIC \o/ Kristi Ann

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