Over 1100 First Responders Contracted Cancer After the WTC Attacks

9/9/13. Over 1100 First Responders Contracted Cancer After the WTC Attacks. Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub.com

“Recently a study was conducted by the Mount Sinai Medical Center revealing that first responders and people close to “Ground Zero” during and after the September, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC), are 15% more likely to contract cancers than people who were out of the area.

The future for people who were in and around the area looks grim to some, but most have hope. During the response most of the responders described how they felt a sense of duty to serve their country. A country who lied to them.

Heidi Evans wrote Monday, “A more ominous symptom — internal bleeding — led to the devastating diagnosis of gastroesophageal cancer in 2011. Cervellione, 63, has since been through several rounds of chemotherapy.

He thought he was in the clear, but a new spot was discovered this spring. Surgeons at Stony Brook University Hospital removed his right adrenal gland and a piece of his liver in May. He has another month of chemo to go.

“It was always in the back of everyone’s mind we were in jeopardy given the contamination down there, but the entire world was calling on you, it felt so good to serve, there was no wanting to escape,” said the Long Island father of three.

As for Detective Pulley, Dr. Jonathan Coleman at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center successfully removed more than half his left kidney July 25. His prognosis is good — he was told he has only a 5% chance of recurrence — and he was spared going through chemo or radiation.

“I think about the guys who passed away and I am fortunate,” said Pulley, who spent 50 days at Ground Zero as part of the arson and explosion squad. “Yeah, I have kidney cancer, but I am still here with my family. If God forbid we were ever attacked again, I would still do the same thing.”[1]

Pretty much in a nutshell, the U.S. Government and EPA officials allowed the first responders and good people of New York, to suck up the toxins into their lungs and skin, using them as human filters.

After all of this, we must stop to ask ourselves, why we trust the American government?”


[1] 1,140 WTC 9/11 responders have cancer — and doctors say that number will grow – NYDailyNews.com

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