White House: Syria Crossed ‘Red Line’ on Chemical Arms, German Intelligence: 95% Of Free Syrian Army Non-Syrian Extremist Groups

June 13th, 2013. White House: Syria Crossed ‘Red Line’ on Chemical Arms. Jason Ditz, Antiwar.com

“After a couple of days debating the relative merits of escalating aid to the rebels, including the possibility of arming them, the White House has informed Congress that it has decided the Syrian government used chemical weapons during the ongoing civil war, killing 100-150 people.

With that the White House went on to declare the “red line” in had set for Syria to have been officially crossed, and pledged to “increase the scope and scale of assistance that we provide to the opposition, including direct support to the rebels.”

White House officials were careful not to mention that they had spent the past several days holding meetings on the rebel aid, and presented the decision as a function of spy agencies’ sudden determination of chemical weapons use, which doesn’t appear to have been based on any actual new evidence, but on the same old evidence the White House had repeatedly rejected in the past, when it wasn’t ready to start arming the rebels yet.

With the about-face on that dubious “evidence,” the deals of which have been carefully kept from the public, the Obama Administration can now spin the direct aid to rebels as something they were forced to do, as opposed to an ill-timed decision to arm a severely divided rebellion simply because they want to keep the war going at a time when the Assad government is seen to have momentum.”


June 13th, 2013. German Intelligence: 95% Of Free Syrian Army Non-Syrian Extremist Groups. Stratrisks.com

“German “Die Welt” daily said that only 5% of the armed terrorists in the so-called Free Army are Syrians, while 95% of them are extremist groups which came from several African countries to jihad in Syria backed by the Gulf and Arab countries.

The daily quoted intelligence experts in Germany as saying : ” The German intelligence has an official and detailed account of the nationalities of the rebels in Syria and their locations in the country,”

A member of the German intelligence said that some terrorist groups in Syria work in full coordination with al-Qaeda, but the extremist groups are most dangerous than al-Qaeda since they commit genocide against children and women and use them as human shields to achieve the possible biggest number of casualties.

According to a semi-official statistics the number of the gunmen in Syria estimated at 14,800 including experts in many fields like the preparation of improvised explosive devices. Most of those gunmen previously participated in several attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The biggest danger lies in the Arab countries’ help releasing Islamic detainees and sending them to Syria with the aim of Jihad against the Syrian state violating the standards of anti-terrorism Conventions.”


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