Pa. lawmaker seeks transparency in anti-religion lawsuits

March 27th, 2013.  Pa. lawmaker seeks transparency in anti-religion lawsuits. Myles Snyder,

“A Pennsylvania lawmaker has unveiled legislation that would require the naming of plaintiffs who file lawsuits to remove religious symbols from public places.

Rep. Tim Krieger (R-Delmont) said he introduced House Bill 922 in response to two lawsuits filed on behalf of anonymous plaintiffs by the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The lawsuits seek to remove public displays of the Ten Commandments at the New Kensington-Arnold School District in Westmoreland County and the Connellsville Area School District in Fayette County.

Krieger said the monuments have been fixtures outside the schools for many years without drawing any complaints or controversy.

“Passage of House Bill 922 would guarantee that no individual or organization will be able to use our state courts as a weapon to attack the right of Pennsylvania citizens to display religious symbols in public places while hiding in the shadows,” Krieger said in a news release Wednesday.

Under House Bill 922, the party bringing any lawsuit designed to suppress, remove or inhibit the display or use of religious symbols in a public place would not be allowed to proceed anonymously unless it can be proven that the litigant would suffer serious physical harm by appearing in court.

House Bill 922 is awaiting consideration in the House Judiciary Committee.”



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