Bill to Allow Open Carry of Firearms in Public Filed in Arkansas House

February 20th, 2013. “A bill was filed in the Arkansas House of Representatives Wednesday morning that would allow citizens to openly carry a firearm in public places.

Sponsored by Representative Sue Scott, House Bill 1408 was filed just before 11:00 Wednesday morning.

The bill is for an act to be known as the “Permitted Open Carry Act,” and reads as follows: “An act to be known as the permitted open carry act; to amend state law regarding the carrying and possession of firearms to ensure all Arkansans have the right to carry arms in public places, unless otherwise prohibited by law, for self defense; and for other purposes.”

The bill would allow citizens to obtain a permit to “carry a handgun either openly or concealed in a public place that is not otherwise prohibited by law.”

Under the current language of the bill, a concealed carry license would automatically be converted to a license to openly carry in public.

To read the full bill as it was filed Wednesday morning, click here.”


“The measure, which is backed by 19 other House co-sponsors and one senator, would require the same permitting process as the licenses for concealed carry.

Openly displaying handguns would still be prohibited at certain locations, such as government offices, some establishments where alcohol is served, and private property where the owner has expressly forbidden it.

New open carry permits would be valid for five years. Under the bill, the nearly 130,000 concealed carry permits in the state would be automatically converted to open carry licenses.”


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