Report: Obama Setting Up Secret ‘Racial Database’

7/18/15. Report: Obama Setting Up Secret ‘Racial Database’. Todd Beamon,

The Obama administration is collecting vast amounts of personal data on Americans by race to create a huge database for the goal of “racial and economic justice,” according to a report by a fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

The data includes information that would document disparities between minorities and whites in such areas as healthcare, education, financial lending, and neighborhood quality, said Paul Sperry in a report for The New York Post. Continue reading

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Abortion Body Parts: Not Just For Medical Reseach

7/16/15. Abortion Body Parts: Not Just For Medical Reseach. Aaron Klein,

As the debate about abortion and stem cell research reignites in the U.S., it may be instructive to note that not all stem cell research is utilized for medical purposes.

Stem cells derived from aborted fetuses are used in the U.S. for food and cosmetic research, with one San Francisco-based beauty company notoriously incorporating cell lines in many of its products, including anti-aging face and eye creams.

Some of those creams received awards in recent months from popular U.S. entertainment magazines Elle and InStyle. Continue reading

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The Empire State Building submits to Islam


7/18/15. The Empire State Building submits to Islam.  Pamela Geller,

Not one day – not twenty-four hours after the Chattanooga jihad mass murder – the symbol of American individualism, capitalism, and the capital of the world, the Empire State Building, one of the foremost symbols of American freedom, celebrated the Muslim “holiday” of Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is the most violent month of the year in the Islamic world, because Ramadan is the month in which Muslims renew their devotion to Allah, and violent jihad is a supreme act of devotion to Allah.

All told, 2,988 people were shot, burned, blown up, beheaded, or hacked to death in the cause of Islam during this “holy” month, with 3,696 wounded, beating last year’s savage human toll of 2,429, with 2,028 wounded. Continue reading

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Botched abortion victims in Arkansas and 3 other states rushed to hospitals

2/11/15. Carnage: Abortionists Log 4 Botched Abortions in 4 States Last Weekend. Cheryl Sullenger,

Little Rock, Arkansas

“The fifth medical emergency documented at Little Rock Family Planning Services since January 2014, took place on February 7, 2015. Activists with posted video of the incident on Facebook, which showed one of the clinic escorts laughing and dancing as she helped other clinic workers display sheets and blankets to prevent pro-life supporters from photographing the incident.

The abortionist responsible for the carnage at Little Rock’s last remaining surgical abortion clinic appears to be Thomas H. Tvedten, who once sued to block a ban on the heinous Partial Birth Abortion procedure, which is now outlawed in the U.S.”

Houston, TX – “Operation Rescue has documented that four women were transported by ambulance from abortion facilities across the U.S. over the weekend of February 6-7, 2015. Half of the facilities where medical emergencies occurred were Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.” Continue reading

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Texas Mayor Declares 2014 ‘Year of the Bible’

1/2/14. Texas Mayor Declares 2014 ‘Year of the Bible’.

The mayor of a small Texas town has declared 2014 ‘The Year of the Bible.’

Mayor Tom Hayden of Flower Mound made the announcement last month at a city council meeting, explaining that he wants to encourage residents to read the entire Bible through in a year.

“There’s so much benevolence on helping your fellow person,” he told local television station KDFW. “And the morality that helped build our country is based on the values that are found in the Bible. And as we look at problems, maybe we’re getting away from those values. And in my little small way, I want to encourage people to get back into those values.” Continue reading

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Bus Drivers Punished for Praying: ‘This Was The Only Thing We Could Do to Support One Another’

1/2/14. Bus Drivers Punished for Praying: ‘This Was The Only Thing We Could Do to Support One Another’.

Several Houston bus drivers were recently reprimanded for using their school district’s radio system to pray.

According to reports, several Houston Independent School District (HISD) bus drivers utilized a dormant channel on the district’s radio system to offer morning prayers during late December. Deborah McDonald, one of the praying bus drivers, said they decided to pray because people they knew had recently been the victims of several tragedies. Continue reading

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Missouri State Senator Proposes Anti-ObamaCare Bill

1/4/14. Missouri State Senator Proposes Anti-ObamaCare Bill. Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.,

The state Senate of Missouri will soon say to the Obama administration, “Show me where the Constitution authorizes the federal government to demand that Americans pay for health insurance.”

In advance of the 2014 legislative session, Missouri State Senator John Lamping (shown) has pre-filed Senate Bill 546, a revision of the Health Care Freedom Act passed by referendum by Missourians in 2010. As The New American reported at that time, the Health Care Freedom Act was approved by over 70 percent of voters. Continue reading

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